When one speaks of Punjab, India one conjures up an elegant and beautiful picture of acres and acres of fields and prosperous farmers moving about in their tractors going about their daily chores.
Orissa is an attractive treasure house of cultures and customs, religions and traditions, languages and literature, art and architecture, scenic beauties and wildlife.
Sikkim, India is a haven of scenic and natural beauty with its imposing snow capped mountain peaks, dark green deep and dense forest cover, calm and tranquil lakes, a multitude of flowers and a large variety of animal life.
Goa, a tiny emerald land, with its natural scenic beauty, attractive beaches and temples famous for its architecture, feasts and festivals and above all hospitable people with a rich cultural milieu, has an ideal tourist profile.
Nature has gifted this earth in many natural spectaculars, may it be blue oceans, dusty deserts, green valleys, showering water falls, snowy hill peaks, flowing rivers and many more......Man also has been trying to beautify this earth by giving his artistic touch to natures creation. At times it becomes difficult to judge who is better artist nature who has given us snowy hills of Himalayas, flowing Amazon, Holy Ganga or man who has shaped Taj Mahal, Great wall of China, Eiffel Tower.

May it be man or nature made but its a fact that man always tries to see the places that fascinates him the most. That is why he tries to find some leisure time from his regular schedule of busy life and which he wants to spent on travel & tourism. As man choice also differs from one to another from natural tourism to tourism of historical places, from fantasy world to adventurous, from modern life to wild life.

Whatever may be your choice we are sure India can fulfill your desires once you step down to this land of spectacles.